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The Lord of Ice and Snow

Good stories often start with unassuming characters. Her name was Ebony Fontaine. She and her twin sister Eloise had spent decades living in the swamps on the border of the kingdom. Visions often haunted Eloise, a shaman, and she sometimes felt Called to do something, to help. Ebony, a hedge witch, concerned herself with botany, potions, and herbs. When it came to which of the sisters was most useful, hands often pointed to Ebony, when it came to most friendly, they swung to Eloise instead. One night, as she prepared to take on her next Calling, Eloise passed away.

Grieving, and goaded by the ghost of her dead sister, Ebony takes up the mantle and resolutely decides to complete her sister’s final mission before she too passes away at the end of summer.

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