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Honor Bound Cover WIP

Psst! Check it out! For the full effect, you have to zoom in on their facial features. You can find more of Caragh’s work here: If you’d like to pre-order Honor Bound, book 3 of the Lady Warrior saga, you can do so at your favorite ebook retailer.

Book Giveaways

You can pick up one of three free books at these links! Milia of Moonlight Some stories start with a bang, some with a whimper. Mine started with a howl. I don’t expect you to believe it. Hell, I lived it and don’t always believe it. But I do expect …

Free E-Books

I’ve often wondered what I would do with my first novel as my catalog grew. In recent weeks, I’ve reread it in preparation for continuing D’Mique’s adventures and while I couldn’t help but tinker around the edges, I didn’t change much. See, the thing is, it needs to stand on …

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