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The Land-Nymph Child

Ten Days Until Release!

It’s officially a ten day countdown! I’ve heard great things from the beta readers. This story is awesome! I can’t wait to read it! Well, okay, I wrote it, I’ve read it a number of times.

I can’t wait for YOU to read it!!

This is the second novel in my Lady Warrior Saga. It continues the adventures of D’Mique, the Lady Warrior who wants to make a name for herself as a leader in the army in a land where humans are looked down upon. While the first book took me decades to write and morphed from a short story I wrote when I was 12 into the “ragtag heroes defeat the monster” novel that it is today, this second novel only took a couple years. Admittedly, it is about a year and a half later than I initially intended. See, I fell in love and then ended up getting married so some things were put on hold while I sorted all that out.

In ten days, I’d like to introduce, or re-introduce, you to D’Mique and a handful of new friends, a brutal enemy, and the land-nymph child. You can click this link to read a bit of the first chapter. From there, you can pre-order the ebook from a number of online retailers, including Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Apple Books. The book will also be available from my distributors, Smashwords, although the distributor does not do pre-orders on their website.

If you’re new to all this, you can currently pick up the first novel, Lady Warrior, Mage of Man through the distributor during their July Sale!

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